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The size of the company may have changed over the last four decades, but the values of our organization have remained the same.

We see these values as foundational for ensuring a good relationship with others and to be a successful employee at The Driving Force Group of Companies — so foundational that we made the values tangible by having them engraved on river stones to give to new employees. Because of this, the values have become known to our employees as our “rocks.”

What our rocks mean in terms of action is that we need to:

  • Integrity – have integrity by being honest, ethical and forthright in our all interactions.
  • Respect – give others respect by being empathetic and treating them with dignity.
  • Commitment – display commitment by showing up and doing what we say we will do.
  • Passion – show our enthusiasm for what we choose to work at and for growing as an individual.

Holding true to these values has enabled our company to grow in size, adding team members and locations across the continent. It has also supported substantial internal growth by helping us build stronger connections amongst ourselves and with our customers.