Electrics and Hybrids

Some of our locations offer hybrid or electric vehicle options. If you’re interested in trying one, please contact us directly and inquire about alternative fuel

Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Many of our branches carry wheelchair accessible vans available for rental. Because we offer products from several different suppliers we suggest you call the location

24-Hour Roadside Assistance


Every DRIVING FORCE rental offers 24-hour roadside assistance, should your vehicle become unsafe to drive due to mechanical failure or other mishaps. If you encounter

90-Day Guarantee

As a DRIVING FORCE Certified used vehicle, your purchase is covered by a powertrain guarantee covering 90 days or 5,000 kilometres – whichever happens first.

Shuttle Service

Our customers often express surprise after using our shuttle services – it’s often faster than standing in line at an airport kiosk! Following a few

Fuel Charge Policy

It pays to avoid a last-minute rush to return your rental. Please allow yourself time to completely refuel your rental vehicle before you drop it


For the comfort of all renters, smoking is prohibited in DRIVING FORCE rental vehicles. This applies to any form or type of smoking, including cigarettes,

Extra Cleanup Charges

We want you to enjoy your rental experience, and we understand that weather, time and your itinerary all influence how clean you can keep your

Violations, Citations and Toll Charges

Parking tickets and traffic violations can happen, and citations are usually directed to the registered owner of the offending vehicle. Our team will let you

Damage and Record360

We’re focused on providing an excellent experience every time, and we’re very particular about the quality and condition of the vehicles we rent. Our Record360