Car Seats

DRIVING FORCE does not provide child car seats. If you’re flying to your destination and you plan on being picked up by our shuttle service,

Foreign Licences

If you’re planning to visit us from another country, we’ll need to record your licence information as part of the rental process. Licences printed using

Out of Country Policy

Some of our locations are within an easy drive of the United States border. If you’re planning to visit the U.S. you must make your

Extra Hours Policy

Unlike hotels, your vehicle rental period is determined by when you originally picked it up. We base our charges on each 24-hour period starting from

DF Express

Whether you’re an occasional renter or a regular DRIVING FORCE customer, DF Express can make your experience quicker and more convenient. Filling out and saving


Many of our rental vehicles come factory equipped with trailer hitches. Because there are many factors to consider in safely towing a trailer, and because

Off-Road Use Policy

Our rental vehicles are to be driven on government maintained roads. Any damage incurred to the vehicle by taking it off-road will be the responsibility

Commercial Passenger Use

Many of our locations offer high capacity vans accommodating more than seven passengers. These are popular with customers who need to accommodate a family or

Secondary Driver Policy

If you plan on having a second person drive your rental vehicle, that person must also meet the requirements to rent, including age, credit card,

Under-25 Policy

DRIVING FORCE welcomes drivers aged 21-24. Drivers in this age group must satisfy the same identification and licence requirements as other customers, and will be