GPS and Navigation Systems

We do not provide aftermarket navigation units for rent, but you can easily hook up your own unit into your rental. Depending on the location

Reservation Change Policy

Plans can change. What you need tomorrow might be different than yesterday. We get that, and we’ve made flexibility central to how we handle reservation

Tire and Glass Coverage

Windshields and tires face particularly high risk for damage during normal driving. Should you have a flat or your windshield become cracked, replacement with an

Loss Damage Waiver

Renters are sometimes confused about the function or benefits of the Loss Damage Waiver option. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is not additional insurance from an

Promotions and Discounts

We love to help charities, groups and associations promote their causes. Sometimes we participate in their activities and support them through special discounts. These are

Kilometre Plans

If you’re planning for flexibility in your travel itinerary, you may also want it in your rental plan. While some of our locations offer specific

Upgrade Options

Some of our vehicles are available in different trim levels, with higher levels offering features like satellite radio, built-in WiFi or GPS navigation. If you

After-Hours Drop-Off

Many of our branch locations have an after-hours key drop, allowing you to return your rental even when we’re closed. Please park your rental in

Drop Charge Option

Picking up a vehicle at one location and dropping it off at another can often be arranged if you call us about it in advance.