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DRIVING FORCE equation for COVID-19

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DRIVING FORCE continues to do our part to keep everyone safe by following the COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations of our public health authorities both Federally and in the provinces in which we operate.

DRIVING FORCE has carefully taken into consideration the health of our employees and customers. We have also taken stock of our social role and the needs of business customers, particularly those providing essential services. We’d like to share some of the details of our approach to this situation.

Is DRIVING FORCE open for business?

We remain open for business. We are strongly committed to meeting the transportation needs of our customers, and have implemented our emergency service continuity plan. Please watch for updates on location hours on our website or on location Facebook pages.

Read more about our business continutity plans

What action has DRIVING FORCE taken to limit the potential transmission of COVID-19?

DRIVING FORCE follows an ISO pandemic cleaning and disinfecting protocol. This protocol includes numerous measures within our branches:

  • DRIVING FORCE premises are being regularly cleaned and disinfected. In key areas this takes place at least several times per day.
  • All staff have been instructed to:
    • Stay away from work if presenting any flu or cold like symptoms
    • Stay away from work if they’ve been in contact with a confirmed case
    • Stay away from work for 14 days if they’ve returned from outside of Canada
    • Practice social distancing whenever possible
    • Wash hands frequently (at least every 2 hours) using proper technique
    • Practice strict respiratory hygiene
    • Frequently clean their surroundings using approved cleaners
    • Follow a physical contact policy
  • Physical blocking is being installed between individuals working with less than two-meters of space (plexi-glass guards)
  • We have adopted a no-cash policy (touchless payment options only)
  • Staff may opt to wear protective gear such as safety glasses and masks – please remember that this is for your protection as well as theirs
  • Vehicle condition recording devices are sanitized before and after each use

DRIVING FORCE has taken additional measures in our vehicles:

  • Vehicle test drives have been suspended (see below)
  • Vehicle cleaning measures have been bolstered and cleaning products reviewed. All internal touch points are cleaned and disinfected prior to delivery to the customer

DRIVING FORCE updates are available online:

  • DRIVING FORCE is regularly updating the information on our status and the measures we’re taking. Changes to business hours will be reflected at the Location level – overall operational changes will appear on the main landing page in the Blog area
  • We’re also communicating directly with customers and suppliers directly via email and phone
  • Our social media channels will relay any major changes in our status or policies – look for us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In

Read more about our COVID19 prevention protocol here.

May I still take a test drive and view a vehicle?

We are not permitting test drives at this time. Please note that we offer a 30-day guarantee on all our Certified used vehicles. You can be confident in your purchase, knowing that you have time to test the vehicle at your leisure.

Video walk-arounds and sales conversations can be done remotely via internet video conferencing, email or telephone. Our sales staff is sensitive to your needs and flexible in how we can serve you.

What is DRIVING FORCE doing for their staff?

We follow self-isolation policies as prescribed by federal and provincial health authorities.

We are topping up EI benefits for individuals who are in self-isolation, and are unable to work from home or access Short Term Disability benefits.

May I still come in for my scheduled appointment?

If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled with us, we ask that you reschedule if you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms, have recently travelled outside of Canada, or have been in contact with someone who may have the virus. If you’re displaying physical signs of sickness, staff are authorized to refuse service. Please note we have taken measures to enforce social distancing for in-person transactions. Wherever possible we encourage customers to interact with us through email, telephone, social media, etc.

The health, safety and well-being of our employees and our customers is DRIVING FORCE’s top priority. These measures are being taken out of an abundance of caution with the aim of keeping our communities safe. We apologize for any inconvenience these new policies may cause you.

Where may I direct further questions?

As further developments take place, we will continue to review and monitor our practices to ensure the safety of our customers, our staff and our communities. Should you have any questions regarding our response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please feel free to give our team a call at 1.877.947.4403 or email