Damage And Record 360

Damage And Record 360

We're focused on providing an excellent experience every time, and we're very particular about the quality and condition of the vehicles we rent. Our Record360 vehicle inspection process helps ensure that damage isn’t missed between rental periods and that repair costs are charged appropriately.

Record360 quickly, easily and accurately archives any small bumps and bruises on your rental vehicle before you hit the road. Customers are encouraged to participate in the recording process. Walk around the vehicle with your Rental Consultant. Ask questions. Point out any area of concern; he or she will tag that area and note the condition.

When your vehicle is returned, a second video is shot using the same process. If new damage is noted, we’ll contact you immediately, share the new video and discuss next steps. If you’ve purchased Loss Damage Waiver or Tire and Glass coverage, your repair costs may be covered.

Regular wear and tear is part of a vehicle's life cycle. Our wear and tear assessment tool helps determine what constitutes regular wear and what's considered damage. Ask about it while you’re picking up your vehicle – our Rental Consultants take pride in keeping customers informed and comfortable.

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