Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

Our customers often express surprise after using our shuttle services – it’s often faster than standing in line at an airport kiosk! Following a few simple steps along the way will ensure you’re pleasantly surprised as well.

Shuttles operate during regular business hours at the location you’re visiting; these hours are listed in the Locations section. While staff has been known to go “above and beyond” when a flight is unexpectedly delayed, you should talk to a Rental Consultant during the reservation process if your scheduled arrival is less than an hour before our regular closing time.

In preparation for your trip we suggest you save the branch’s number to your cellphone. Once you’ve disembarked your plane, make your way to pick up your luggage. With your bags in hand, give us a call. We’ll dispatch a shuttle and be there shortly – usually in 15 minutes or less, but you will be advised on the estimated wait. If you’re unsure where to go to catch the shuttle, the Rental Consultant will be happy to direct you.

Note: In most locations offering shuttle service, a nominal airport fee is charged to your rental. This fee is usually significantly less than it would cost to taxi to our location.

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