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Loss Damage Waiver

Renters are sometimes confused about the function or benefits of the Loss Damage Waiver option.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is not additional insurance from an outside provider – it is an agreement between the customer and DRIVING FORCE regarding what would happen if the rented vehicle sustains damage during the rental period. If selected by the customer, LDW indicates that damage to or loss of the vehicle due to a collision, vandalism, theft, or unforeseeable weather (for example, hail) would become our responsibility. Without the Loss Damage Waiver, you are responsible for the full replacement cost – or up to the value of the repair.

There are currently several LDW packages available, allowing you to select different levels of deductible. These can be purchased at daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Common questions about LDW

Doesn’t my credit card cover this?

  • Coverage for damage varies from card to card. If you choose to rely solely on coverage provided by your personal insurance or credit card, you may be only covered to a set maximum value determined by your vehicle’s value or your card’s policy. We recommend consulting your card provider to confirm their level of coverage.
  • If you purchase DRIVING FORCE LDW, the full value of the vehicle you rent will be included as part of the package.

Does LDW cover damage to other vehicles or third parties?

  • No, only damage to the rental vehicle. If you do not have vehicle insurance of your own, our insurance would cover third party or other damage. If you do have insurance, your own policy may come into effect. Policies and coverages vary by province or territory, so we always recommend talking to your own vehicle insurance provider before renting.

Does LDW cover costs like towing or storage?

  • If the damaged rental vehicle requires these types of services and you have purchased LDW, yes.

Does LDW cover all kinds of damage, all the time?

  • As long as you’ve used the vehicle as outlined in the Rental Agreement, LDW applies to a wide range of potential costs. A few things that might render it invalid include overhead damage (failing to check clearance in low parking areas, for example), failing to respond to a mechanical warning light, or operating the vehicle with incorrect fuel.

* Owners, employees, agents or endorsees are NOT qualified to evaluate the adequacy of a renters existing coverage on their policy. This must be confirmed verbally by renter themselves or, if requested, a hard copy confirming coverage.

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