It’s been a part of business practices for decades, but leasing has continued to grow in popularity with individual consumers. Why? There are several reasons:

Reduced monthly payments: The most popular is that leasing gives you more predictable expenses, month after month. Set the distance you are likely to drive it over the lease period, enjoy the use of a reliable new or used vehicle for a reduced monthly cost, and then move on to a newer model when the current lease expires.

Control Maintenance Costs: Many leased vehicles are covered by manufacturers’ warranties for the entire lease period. Other than predictable regular maintenance costs, you’ll likely never have an unexpected additional maintenance bill.

No Resale Hassles: Resale of leased vehicles is the responsibility of the lessor – not you. Never worry about selling a used vehicle; we’ll handle it.

Flexibility: If your vehicle needs change over the lease period, you can alter the vehicle type easily and quickly; step out of your old ride and into a new one with minimal cost and hassle. Remember, at DRIVING FORCE you can also lease used vehicles, and our selection ranges across multiple brands, types and trims. We can also source from virtually any manufacturer.

There’s more to discuss regarding leasing, and our lease consultants are here to discuss your needs and options. Give us a call and find out more today.