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The Local Heroes Program

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Our DRIVING FORCE branches take great pride in their communities, so when local organizations approach us for help with programs or events, they tap into our Local Heroes Program.

Local Heroes Program

Local Heroes Program

Is your sports association, special interest group or community social group looking to rent a vehicle with a discount?
With our Local Heroes Program. You don’t need to be a registered charity to qualify for this helping hand – sports associations, special interest groups and community social groups may also qualify. You will need to tell us all about your event or program to qualify for this discount opportunity. Discounts are based on the season, size of your event and potential exposure for the DRIVING FORCE brand.
Submissions are reviewed twice a year, February & August. Submissions must be at least 4 months in advance of the requested rental dates.
Let’s get together and make some plans.
Complete the form below for your submit your request.

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