A Force in Fleet Management

At Driving Force, we’re in the business of solving problems, delivering on promises, building community and driving bigger, better opportunities for our customers and partners—every time. Since first opening in 1978, Driving Force has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest fleet management and transportation solutions providers in Canada. We pride ourselves on quality, work-ready vehicles, high safety standards and superior customer service. We leverage our widespread coverage, adaptive experience in nearly every industry and steadfast commitment to our core values to deliver unmatched solutions.

The Vehicles You Need, When You Need Them

Whatever your industry or project, you can count on Driving Force for top-tier rentals that give you the benefit of flexibility. Our fleet of high-quality trucks, flatbeds, vans and more are ready to go and can be equipped to your custom specifications on delivery. We also offer a large selection of quality, certified used vehicles for sale—cars, trucks and vans that meet the highest standards for your total peace of mind.

Your Partner Since 1978

Driving Force is a division of The Driving Force Group of Companies: a network of world-class transportation and fleet management companies that dates back to 1978. From a rented office atop a service station in rural Alberta, The Driving Force Group of Companies now operates across Canada and the United States. This network spans nearly 40 locations with over 600 staff across five companies.

Our Driving Core Values

Integrity, respect, commitment and passion are not just words; they’re a self-guiding system that’s core to who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. Over the decades, our size and scope have changed, but these fundamental principles have always stayed the same. Our customers are our partners. Employees are family. Promises are to be kept.

The Fast Track to a Better Career

At Driving Force, fun is our fuel, and collaboration is the key to our success. Our team counts on career advancement opportunities, professional development, competitive wages, wellness programs, ongoing employee engagement and more. Here, we work hard, have fun and nurture each individual’s strengths and talents—so we all win together.